“Culture and text” is an electronic peer-reviewed scholarly publication in the area of literary criticism and linguistics

ISSN 2305-4077

The journal is a valuable tool for scholars in philosophy, culturology, linguistics, literature and others interested in the study of text as a phenomenon in its various aspects, e.g. the philosophy of the text and his ontology.
In the focus of the journal “Culture and text” are theoretical, historical and cultural aspects of the headline problem: the phenomenon of text, philosophy of the text, its ontology, dialogic nature, semiotics of the text, etc. Special emphasis is given to research articles that are based on modern methodological approaches and share the notion of inseparability of text production and its understanding. The “Text and Culture” also encourages work that explores the view on the text itself as a structure carrying a motivation of its form and its content.
“Culture and Text” features articles reporting results of research in various branches of literary criticism, which include, but are not limited to:
·  the study of literature as a component of the culture due to the spiritual component of literature, which in its turn is caused by spiritual and moral power of Orthodox culture and Biblical texts,
·  the study of narration structures and writers’ individual discourses, archetypes, mythological poetic themes, motives,
·  identifying cultural meaning, codes and languages of culture,
·  understanding communication strategies, etc.
The journal continues annual publication series “Culture and Text”.
The journal is peer-reviewed and registered in the Russian Science Citation Index.
Articles will be typically Sections in the journal include:
·   The philosophy of the text
·   Text. Culture. Literature
·   Linguistic text research
·   Reviews. Scholarly events
We appreciate your contribution to the theoretical and empirical publications in “Culture and Text”.