The provisions for reviewing articles

The provisions for reviewing articles and papers received by the journal “Culture and Text”

1. All manuscripts of papers received by the editor are subject to peer review by members of the editorial board specializing in the topic of the paper.
2. The reviews are to objectively evaluate the article and express certain arguments in its comprehensive analysis, they reflect the reviewer’s comments and the conclusion: whether the article is accepted as is or, following the reviewer’s comments, the writer’s revision, or is denied publication.
3. Peer reviews are anonymous, and are made during 10-15 days after the receipt of articles to the journal. If the review is positive and does not requiring any revision of the article by the writer, the article is accepted for publication, and the author is informed of the acceptance as well as of the approximate dates of publication.
4. If the article is given a positive review with minor comments, the review containing the comments is sent to the author together with the reviewed article requiring the writer’s revision. In case the article requires substantial revision, the article is sent for an additional reviewing to another reviewer.
5. A negative review results in a motivated refusal sent to the author. If the authors disagree with the reviewer’s opinion they can argue their position in the letter to the editor and other reviewers can be arranged to evaluate the articles. Positive reviews of such disputable articles can lead to the Chief Editor’s final decision on publication in the journal.
6. All reviews in the original remain in the archives of the editorial board for five years from the article publication date, review copies must be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation upon the corresponding request to the editorial board.
Attachment: The layout of reviews on articles received by the Editor of “Culture and text”